Soluna Massage


Detox Foot Bath

In this relaxing 40-minute treatment, warm saltwater soothes your feet and reacts with the ionized array, to energize and heal your feet. The flow of your vital life force or energy is essential to maintaining good health and having your body in perfect balance. When your body is in balance, you have improved physical energy, mental concentration and increased circulation resulting in more efficient metabolism. This remarkable detox foot spa leaves you feeling renewed with more physical and mental energy.

Or buy a series of 4 sessions for $105
All sessions must be used within 30 days of purchase.  Cancellation policy applies.  Gratuity not included.

Detox Cupping Cocoon Body Wraps

This service is designed to separate fused tissue layers and drain lymph nodes, providing a smoother appearance and a healthier glow. A very light suction provides drainage, while a heavier suction stimulates circulation, loosening adhesions or "dimpling". Successful and enjoyable body contouring with lasting results is possible!

                                                      Cleanse and Detox Package

1 One Hour Consultation
10 day cleanse
1 90 Minute Body Detoxing Cupping Wrap
1 60 Minute Cupping Massage
3 40 Minute Detox Foot Baths
30 Gallons of Alkaline Water
$ 399

This is a 2 week commitment

During the first 1 hour consultation, we will go through the intake forms (I will email them to you to complete and bring with you), talk about goals and expectations, go over directions for everything you need to do and food you need to purchase, take measurements and pictures (if you wish), and set up all appointments. Payment is due at this time.