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Yoga at Soluna

We now have a Yoga class at Soluna!

Since I first purchased Soluna massage it has been a dream to bring Yoga to Soluna!  You may wonder where our Yoga class takes place. We have put wheels on our couches in our reception area and we simply roll the furniture out during our Yoga sessions!

Yoga is such a perfect combination with massage! I have personally found that I can tell a difference in my body from week to week and it shows in my strength and endurance as well as cardio.

Type of Yoga – this is a gentle Yoga with a Christian instructor.  During our end of class meditation she speaks scripture and positive encouraging words to us. It has been wonderful!

If you are interested let us know.  Class space is limited!  Call for schedule! It’s $10 per session.

Mondays @ 2:30 pm
Thursdays @ 8:30 am