COVID 19 – Healthy at Work Guidelines


To our wonderful clients.  Finally, we have an official date from Gov. Beshear to open Massage.  We will be open for business on May 25th. Rest assured we will have new procedures in place to keep everyone as healthy as possible during this transitional time.  The very nature of massage lends itself to the highest standards of sanitation anyway, but because of this terrible COVID virus we have taken many more additional precautionary measures as well.  Below you will find a brief outline of new processes and procedures.  Some of which will affect how you interact with us when you come in for a massage. 



Guidelines for customers:

Customers will be pre-screened prior to their appointment.

  • Are you symptomatic or have you been around anyone who is symptomatic?

Upon Arrival we ask that you:

  • Arrive with a face mask on whenever possible.
  • Be on time (timing is going to be critical to us being able to uphold the governor’s guidelines for massage)
  • Wait in your car then enter and get checked in at the reception desk 5 min. prior to your massage time.  
  • Adhere to temperature check during check in.
  • Wash your hands prior to your massage.
  • Not bring anyone with you into Soluna that is not getting a massage.

Guidelines for our therapists:

  • Adhere to temperature check upon arrival to work.
  • Stay 6’ apart during work except for the client they are working with.
  • Sanitize all hard surfaces in massage room that clients come in contact with. Doorknobs, side table etc.
  • Observe KY massage board recommendations for healthy-at-work.
  • Follow guidelines for PPE use.
  • Wash hands for 30 seconds and use hand sanitizer before and after each client. (Very Important!!)

Guidelines for receptionist staff:

  • Sanitize and disinfect ALL touch point surfaces before and after each client.
  • Pre-screen all customers the day before or the day of when they arrive.
  • Check the temperature of all employees and customers as they arrive.
  • Keep hand soap and sanitizer dispensers full.  Keep paper towels in kitchenettes and bathrooms full.
  • Follow healthy-at-work guidelines. 
  • Check the online healthy-at-work guidelines website for updates.

We have also hired a sanitizing service to thoroughly sanitize soluna from top to bottom before we open on May 25th.  Their sanitizing solution has been EPA approved for use against SARS-COV-2 the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  You can read more about their product here….