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Enhancements can be added to any massage (enhancements are part of the massage time)

row of the bottle withh massage oilAromatherapy    $5

Add an essential oil or essential oil blend to your massage for added benefits of the specific chosen essential oils and the oil will be massaged into your skin along with the lotion during the massage. You will choose the essential oil based upon your needs prior to your massage. Very often the oil that delights the senses is the one that is most needful for you that day.

CBD oil viles.CBD Oil or CBD Concentrated Cream   $10

Incorporating Cannibinoid oil into your session is a natural way to assist with pain and inflammation in the body. The oil or lotion is applied topically onto the the entire body during your massage. We also have a concentrated cream that can be applied to a specific area of pain or discomfort. The CBD oil, lotion, and Cream are a 25mg dose. Ask your therapist which is right for you!


Sinus Saver   $10

Steamed towels are placed over the face specifically the nasal areas to open up your sinus cavities, and left on for a few min.  Your therapist then provides a eucalyptus oil inhalation and gentle simulations of pressure points on your face. The steam and eucalyptus will help to open your sinus providing comfort and relief from nasal congestion and temporary relief from allergies. 

Spa concept (flowers, towel, sea salt and massage stones)Hot Towel / Cold Stone Facial   $10

A Hot Towel Cold Stone Face Massage will stimulate circulation while cold stones reduce inflammation. It is also good for tired eyes, headaches, tension around the eyes and mouth, fatigue and stress.


Portrait of beautiful young woman receiving cupping treatment in spa.Face lift and drainage   $15

Face lift and drainage is performed with light cupping massage using the cupping machine to produce a slight pull on the skin. The cups are applied over the face in a pattern helping to move the lymphatic fluids and drain sinuses as well as reduce puffiness and edema. It also helps to calm and quiet an overactive mind. (We highly recommend the full 30 min session of the face lift and drainage for added benefits as well! See Below.)


Mint and honey face and body scrub in a small glass jarHand Scrub $10
Foot Soak & Scrub $15

Choose a hand scrub or a foot scrub to exfoliate the skin on your hands or feet leaving them feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. Exfoliating granules such as a sugar or salt formula are rubbed vigorously and massaged into your skin which increases blood flow. It is then rinsed away to reveal a moisturized layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin. This is especially good for dry skin. 

Our Foot Soak and Scrub includes a foot soak prior to the scrub.  This allows calloused skin and rough feet to exfoliate and get a fresh start.