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Holiday's at Soluna Massage

All I want for Christmas is a Massage!

Gift Certificates


Add a Soluna Gift Certificate to your Christmas wish list! OR get a gift certificate for someone you love who needs some much needed self-care.


Purchase and Print your gift certificates from your home computer. Click Here to purchase a Gift Certificate.

Soluna needs a part-time Receptionist!

Before you ask if Alysia is going somewhere, the answer is no!


We are simply trying to expand our hours and accommodate clients that would like to come in after work for a massage.

  • Early evenings until 7:30/8:00pm, 3 days a week, possibly some Saturdays
  • Must be energetic, able to quickly pick up on our booking system software and able to multi-task with phones and clients checking in and out as well as perform other reception duties as well. This is an active job and will need someone who is able to move about and lift laundry bags in excess of 40 lb.  
  • Wages: Hourly + Commission + a discounted massage per month.

Increase your massages!

Did you know that Soluna accepts both SpaFinder & SpaWeek gift cards?  AND that you can get a discount when you purchase these gift cards at Costco and Sam’s Club?  This makes getting a massage more frequently even easier!


Sam’s Club – SpaWeek: (2) $25 gift cards purchased for $37.50!
Costco – SpaFinder: (2) $50 gift cards purchased for $79!

New Hours at Soluna Massage

We are working on increasing our hours to accommodate clients that need later hours.


Over the next month or so we will begin to stay open until 7:30 in the evening depending on the day. Keep an eye on our online booking schedule to see our later hours! if you would like a late apointment please give us a call or check the online schedule. 

New Therapists at Soluna Massage

We have added 3 new therapists!


Jeni comes to us from a holistic environment where she worked for a chiropractor for 5 years.  She is a wonderful massage therapist and passionate about helping people heal through massage. 

Joe who many of your know as the former owner of Soluna massage has come back to work part time for us!  He has been a massage therapist for 21 years now and he is amazing! 

Patricia Is our newest therapist! She comes to us with 26 years of massage therapy experience and she is ready to make a difference for you!

Yoga at Soluna!

We now have a Yoga class at Soluna!  Since I first purchased Soluna massage it has been a dream to bring Yoga to Soluna!  You may wonder where our Yoga class takes place. We have put wheels on our couches in our reception area and we simply roll the furniture out during our Yoga sessions!


Yoga is such a perfect combination with massage! I have personally found that I can tell a difference in my body from week to week and it shows in my strength and endurance as well as cardio.


Type of Yoga – this is a gentle Yoga with a Christian instructor.  During our end of class meditation she speaks scripture and positive encouraging words to us. It has been wonderful!


If you are interested let us know.  Class space is limited!  Call for schedule! It’s $10 per session.


Mondays @ 2:30 pm
Thursdays @ 8:30 am

Soluna Shopping Corner!

We have many gifts for you to browse while you are at Soluna!

Herbs! Herbal Remedies – We now carry an herb brand called Pure Herbs. Pure Herbs has been making herbs and herbal combinations since 1974 and their herbs are amazing!  We have had many successful stories so far of herbs helping customers to receive healing for infirmities!  We carry about 25 herb combinations that help everything from headaches and UTI’s, to PMS symptoms.

Soap! We now carry an all natural Oatmilk soap. These soaps contain essential oils and wonderfully scented!  They suds up really well, clean without drying skin and last a long time.  Many scents to choose from! 

Handmade Earrings, Cloth cinch-sacks, non-slip headbands and more! 

Come in and check out our Shopping Corner! You may find just what you are looking for for Christmas for a loved one!