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Extra Massage Services

We offer additional services such as Facial Massage and Foot Massage. Our popular facial massages include Facelift and Drainage which is excellent for anyone wanting relief from allergies, sinus issues, or just wanting to reduce the appearance of facial lines. This is excellent for lymphatic drainage as well.

The masseur does back massage to the young man in a beauty salonTargeted Massage – 30 Min, 45 Min

30 Min – $50, 45 Min – $60

Our Targeted massage is perfect if you don’t have time for a full 1 hour massage or just have a specific area of muscular stress that you would like specifically targeted.

1targetedcupping30 Min Targeted Cupping Massage

30 Min – $60

The same amazing benefits of cupping but targeted to one area only.

Portrait of beautiful young woman receiving cupping treatment in spa.Facial Massage – Face Lift and Drainage

30 Min – $50

The face lift and drainage session is a full 30 min facial cupping massage. Some of the many benefits are increased circulation and absorption of nutrients to the skin, moving the lymphatic fluids to help drain sinuses, and reducing puffiness and edema. The drainage of stagnant fluids reduces the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles by plumping, as well as helping scar tissue to soften. The muscles of the face benefit greatly from the reduction of tension and tightness, releasing expression lines and loosening rigid muscle tissue.  Facial cupping can provide significant therapeutic results from symptoms related to sinus infections, inflammation, edema and those suffering with TMJ disorders. Did we mention it is extremely relaxing and feels divine!

Relaxed girl with clay or mud mask on face for pore cleaning

Facial Massage – Mud Mask

30 Min – $55

Mud mask, gentle pore cleanser, hot towel, moisturizer, and massage!  This leaves the skin feeling smooth and completely renewed.

 Foot Massage

30 Min – $50

A total foot massage for anyone who spends time on their feet and needs extra care taken to help them be revived and ready for life! 

Deluxe Foot Massage

30 Min – $60

Our total foot massage to accommodate those tired aching feet as well as a foot soak, a foot scrub, and hot towels.  Its the ultimate experience for anyone who loves to have their feet massaged.